Corporate Governance Committee

Since 30 March 2015, the Corporate Governance Committee consists of Mr Vincent Ah Chuen (Chairperson), Mr Pierre de Chasteigner du Mée, Professor Donald Ah Chuen G.O.S.K. and Mrs Danielle Lagesse S.A. It is devoted to the continuing review and articulation of the governance structure of the Board. Together with its duties, the Corporate Governance Committee is also responsible for remuneration and nomination matters. It met as Remuneration Committee for the first time in January 2007 to discuss the management contracts of the service providers before due recommendation to the Board.

As approved in March 2006, the Terms of Reference of the Corporate Governance Committee consist mainly of the following:

  • Review the composition of the Board as a whole and recommend if necessary, measures to be taken so that the Board reflects the appropriate balance of professional experience, diversity of backgrounds, skills and perspectives;
  • Review the governance structure of the Board and recommend changes when necessary in order to reflect sound governance practices;
  • Make recommendations in relation to the composition, functions and duties of the Board Committees;
  • Ensure that the Annual Report complies with the disclosure provisions of the Code of Corporate Governance;
  • Make regular reports to the Board and maintain minutes of its meetings and records relating to the meetings. The minutes of the meetings shall be circulated to all members of the Committee and made available on request to all members of the Board;
  • Approve contracts with external service providers.